Carpet / Rug Dyeing

Stains are discolorations to fibers. Perhaps you accidentally spilled some bleach or cleaning products on your carpet and notice it left a very light mark. Chances are you have just experienced color loss from those fibers.

A broad range of chemicals and other factors can cause color loss on carpet. Bleach is not the only culprit. Although the chemicals are different from household bleach, most acne medications, some cosmetics, hair treatments and other medications contain a form of a bleaching agent. 

Prestige Systems, LLC

Many common cleaning products, including many popular carpet-cleaning products, scented home deodorizing products, pesticides, pool and spa chemicals, some perfumes, aerosol sprays, laundry detergents contain bleaching agents and many other chemicals cause unwanted color loss, fading or discoloration. These areas may appear as white, orange, or yellow spots on your carpet.

Carpet dyeing will let you mask stains from juices, coffees, urine, powdered drinks, wine or bleach stains. Dyeing your carpet is a good alternative to buying a new one if you just need to hide a stain. You need to hire a professional Prestige Systems carpet dyeing to do this task.

Carpet spot dyeing is most specialized service. If color /dye has been removed from your carpet by a bleach or cleaning solution, we can repair it in many cases! Re-dyeing the area of carpet affected by the color loss restores the carpet color similar to the original dye, making the spots much less visible.

Prestige Systems is an industry certified color repair/carpet spot dyeing specialist. We can dye your carpet to repair "bleach spots" & small stained areas that cleaning will not remove. Examples are: chemical spills, permanent pen marks, gloss paint or varnish, rust and wood stain.
Dyeing a carpet is only suitable for small areas, spills etc.

Most carpet cleaners will give up trying to remove some stains and state they "are permanent" & that "nothing can be done" NOT TRUE. If you have a pink patch on your living rooms cream carpet following a spill of red wine and you don't want to "live with it" we can remove the coloring and re-color and dye the patch to match the original color.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our business comes from repeat clients and referrals.  It is our goal to make your cleaning experience as easy and non-stressful as possible.

Area Rugs are tremendous sentimental value. They take a lot of punishment from soil, spills, constant foot and even pets traffic. Over time signs of soil and contamination become evident requiring professional cleaning and restoration.


Prestige Systems, LLC
  • Rugs and carpets will look their best and last longer when they are properly maintained.
  • Handmade Oriental and machine made carpets should be cleaned every two to four years.
  • Over time grit and dirt become embedded so deeply that professional cleaning is required.
  • Riental rugs and other area carpets should be taken out of the home for proper cleaning. The cleaning process will remove the grit as well as the surface soiling that gradually dulls the appearance of the carpet.
  • Never ever allow any carpet cleaning firm to clean an Oriental or area rug in your home. It may sound good, easier and cheaper but there is nothing you can do that will harm your rugs more than this. When a cleaner attempts to clean a rug in the home with a hot water extraction machine (better known as steam cleaning) the top half of the rug in most cases becomes saturated with detergent while the bottom half remains untouched by the detergent. As quickly as the solution is sprayed onto the rug it is extracted by the machine's vacuum. This process never really gets the dirt and grit out of the bottom half of the rug's foundation. The real problems occur when the cleaner over-wets the rug by applying too much detergent, getting the foundation of the rug (its cotton warp and weft) wet. Since the rug is lying flat on the floor, the foundation never has the opportunity to dry properly. This will lead to mildew and dry rot, either ruining the rug or drastically reducing the rugs longevity and value. The other problem with in-home cleaning is that the cleaning chemical is never properly rinsed out of the rug. Think about it: if detergent is injected into the rug wetting the wool, and the excess is immediately extracted, the soap and moisture left in the rug attains a very high pH level. The rug dries, leaving the pile heavily laden with soap residue. We use the analogy of washing your hair without rinsing it. The soap left in the rug will start doing what it was intended to do, attract dirt. This will cause the rug to get dirtier quicker, and, more seriously, it will attract the gritty dirt that, once deep down in your rug and will cause the fibers to break down, leading to premature wear. This soap residue makes cleaning loose dirt and dust virtually impossible, negating its important benefits. It must also be pointed out that the fringes of the rug cannot be cleaned. So, don't choose the quick, easy and wrong way it will cost you much more in the long run

BEWARE – Never clean a Handmade Oriental or area rug in your home.

Why Choosing Prestige Systems?

We offer four different cleaning processes for all types of area rugs:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Water Extraction and Rinse
  • Shampoo and Rinse
  • Submersion Hand-wash Cleaning

Prestige Systems is proud to be an exclusive provider of the Submersion Hand-Wash Cleaning Process for Oriental Rugs and Carpets with animal stains and odors. 

Here are the step-by-step details of this innovative new procedure:

  • Pickup and Delivery - Even if you have a car, hauling around a large area rug is easier said than done in the city. Prestige Systems will pick up your rug and deliver it once it's been cleaned. It's just one more way in which we outshine the competition.
  • Pre-Inspect your rug for fiber type, fiber stability, soiling level and dye stability to determine the correct cleaning agents and method for optimal results.
  • Pre-Vacuum both sides of rug until all insoluble soil is removed. This could take up to an hour or more depending on the level of soil hidden deep within the rugs fibers.
  • Dusting - ust and particulate matter lying deep within the rug are removed using compressed airs and specialty designed tools. Foot traffic and dry soil can act like sandpaper on the fiber, and this step is often referred to as & “Air Washing” or “Dusting” of the rug. Vacuuming, shaking, or beatings are not nearly as effective.
  • Wash and Rinse - In many of the various countries where our oriental rugs and carpets are manufactured, the washing is done in a flowing river, where rugs are submerged for hours at a time. Our process essentially replicates this method with a wash pit in which water moves from one end to the other continuously. Mild cleaning agents designed specifically for Oriental rug fibers like silk and wool are massaged deeply into the rug. Unlike a simple bath, our process continuously sends only clean, soft water across the rug.
  • Final Rinse - The rug is removed from the pit and given a soft water rinse.
  • Drying - Mild heat and airflow is applied as the rug hangs to dry. Using compressed air, the fibers are given a luxurious fluffing.
  • Grooming the Fringes - Attention to detail is essential at this stage, so we hand-comb your rugs fringes to ensure that they are properly finished and groomed.
  • Final Inspection - We maintain the highest standards, so our inspection process is thorough. We don't hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the cleanest rug possible. It's that final touch that means so much. Finally, we will contact you to schedule delivery of your fresh, clean and bright rug to your home!

Our thorough cleaning process will leave your rug soft with cleaned fragrance!  We clean and repair area rugs in our in-plant cleaning and dry room facilities. We also provide moth-proofing, repairing, re-fringing, fabric coating, and padding. Always remember never clean and dry any area rug on the floor.

Different Types of Oriental/Area Rugs

We'll give you a brief outline so that you can know the difference in oriental rugs before you buy.

Persian Rugs - When most people hear the word Oriental rug they think of a Persian rug. That's because of all the Oriental rugs the Persian rugs are the easiest to identify and so people remember them. Persia know called Iran, has a reputation for producing the highest quality and most beautiful rugs in the entire world. And they've been doing this for hundreds of years. The traditional designs have the name of the tribal region where they were made. Kerman, Sarouk, Tabriz are three of the most common areas.

Persian rugs are easily identified by their geometric patterns and intricate floral patterns. Antique Persian rugs are very popular and highly sought after often bringing very high prices if they are in excellent condition. Of course, you can buy a modern Persian rug for a reasonable price and it will still have the geometric and floral patterns of the area.

Indian Rugs-  Most of the Oriental rugs that we buy in the western world originate from India. The rug industry in India is one of the main forms of employment for rural workers. The modern India rugs are made in the traditional designs and patterns but cost a fraction of the price. And of course the quality is as good as it was in the past. They are still hand made by the locals.

There is one rug that is produced in India that actually did originate in India. That is the traditional dhurrie rug which is a cotton and wool rug, sometimes with other natural fibers, created in a variety of traditional patterns, as well as some contemporary patterns.

Turkey Rugs-  are a real find and highly sought after because they are all between 50 and 75 years old. The first world war put an end to the Turkish Oriental rug industry and they are just now beginning to make a comeback as the current government now encourages this industry. Turkey rugs are identifiable by their traditional designs and very rich colors.

Tibet rugs- are one of the most prized rugs to own. Entire families from villages are involved in making Oriental rugs. One rug can take as many as 3500 hours to complete.  The wool of the Himalayan sheep is used to make these rugs. It has a high lanolin content making it perfect from rugs.  Tibetan rugs can be recognized from their very rich colors and rustic patterns as well as the variations in color and texture. Each rug is truly a unique piece and a work of art. But be prepared to pay a pretty price for one of these beauties!

Rugs from Afghanistan divide generally into rugs woven by Afghan and rugs woven by Balouch weavers. Good quality Afghan rugs are made in weaving centers in northern Afghanistan like Herat, Daulatabad and Kunduz; very good quality Balouch scatter rugs come from near Herat

Now that you know the differences in Oriental rugs you'll make a better buy. Your room will thank you for the beautiful addition to your home decor and your friends and family will envy you!

Call Prestige Systems today.  Our helpful customer service team is available to answer all of your rug cleaning and restoration questions.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

We empathize with how much you love your pets, and at times, how much work they can be. If your pet has an unfortunate accident on the carpet, we have the tools to make it as if it never happened. It is common for people to use a spot cleaner to remove the stain, which can do a good job for appearance at times. However, we have the tools and expertise to completely remove the accident as deep as the carpet padding, stifling the growth of unwanted bacteria in your home.

Prestige Systems, LLC

Our cleaning products are safe & Non-Toxic for Children & Pets. One of the rules for carpet odor removal is to act promptly, because once the stain has set in it will be harder to extract the visual and olfactory traces of it. An often overlooked cause of unpleasant odor is mildew that has resulted from the floor covering or the padding beneath it getting overly wet and staying damp. The growth of bacteria is a side effect of allowing a spill or accident to settle into the carpet fibers, but it is also something that can easily be prevented.

Some smells, like cigarette smoke, may not be pinned to a specific location on the floor covering. Sometimes scents linger long after the offending spot has been identified, soaped, blotted, rinsed and deodorized. A strong ammonia scent can overwhelm a room and lead people to search for the best method of carpet odor removal. A steam cleaning is usually the approach taken to combat lingering smells. Steam cleaning can result in a deeper cleansing than regular vacuuming or spot cleaning a spill and can be bought or rented for in home use. A steam cleaner uses water heated to the point of evaporation to penetrate the pile of the floor covering deeply. The steam dislodges debris and dirt that are trapped in the fibers. The steam itself is not enough to remove stains or odors though, and usually a cleaning solution is used in conjunction with the machine.

We Can Remove your Pet Odor!

Leaving pet urine in your carpet or rug can create permanent damage that only a professional can repair. If pet urine is left in the carpet, it will eventually turn into ammonia crystal. This will not only increase the odor, but it can damage the dye the carpet creating faded areas that ruin the appearance of the carpet. If you have urine in an expensive rug, it can cause the colors to run if the rug gets wet and can damage large areas of the rug. This will not only make the rug look ruined, but can mean your valuable rug has lost its value. This is why pet urine needs to be removed quickly before it can start to damage your valuable carpets and rugs.

Carpet Repair

Trust the experts at Prestige Systems to do it right the first time!

Don't replace your carpet when it can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of new and last several more years. New carpet will cost between $3000 to $5000 for an average sized home. Over 80% of carpets can be repaired and brought back to an almost new look.

Prestige Systems, LLC

We have over 28 years in the carpet industry and we are well versed in re-stretching and repairs. If you need a room, hallway or whole house stretched, we can do it quicker and stretch your carpet tighter than most technicians can. We use the tri-FORCE stretcher to stretch carpets. It does not damage walls, baseboard heaters and will not poke holes in your carpet from tail pins. We can repair most any carpet damage including burns, holes from pets, transition fraying, seam pulls and fixing previous repairs that were done incorrectly. If you want to save money and get more years out of your carpet instead of replacing it, give us a call and we can discuss your situation. We specialize in removing dog or cat urine, stains. We are now offering $25.00 OFF for Carpet Repair in Lexington and the Midlands areas. If you have any type of carpet related issues we can fix them. Our carpet technicians are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Our technician can fix ANY type of carpet problem. Don't waste thousands replacing your carpet, simply call us for a FREE ESTIMATE. Prestige Systems Carpet Care Specialist!

Furniture Cleaning

Regular Furniture Cleaning

Homeowners often do not look beyond their carpet when it comes to maintaining interior fabrics. Upholstery is often never cleaned because they don't look visibly dirty. However, the same soils that fall out of horizontal surfaces in your home also fall out onto the upholstery are filtered through the fabric.

Prestige Systems, LLC

Studies show that upholstered fabrics should be cleaned every year and if there are smokers in the home or pets, they should be cleaned twice a year. Some upholstered fabrics can easily be wet cleaned whereas other more delicate fabrics must be dry cleaned.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

In many cases leather furniture is one of the most expensive items in your home. Selecting the wrong company or technician could cost you many sleepless nights. Let Prestige Systems help bring your leather furniture back to life. Our technicians will restore your valuable leather furniture by

  • Inspecting the leather
  • Cleaning the leather using pH neutral cleaning agents
  • Applying conditioning cream to help the leather to regain its color, softness and lustre

Applying a protector cream to protect the leather from accidental staining with specialized cleaning agents and the most thoroughly trained leather specialist, your furniture will be cleaned and conditioned right the first time.

So when you want to take no risk and get the results you want, call us and schedule your leather furniture cleaning and make your upholstery look like new again. Do it now, you'll feel good you did.

Call the SPECIALIST at  PRESTIGE SYSTEMS to schedule 803-356-1660

Tile & Grout Repair

Once tile and grout gets dirty, it changes the look of everything around it.  Let Prestige Systems Tile and Grout Cleaning take one more job off your hands (and knees) with a powerful, yet safe and gentle, cleaning process.  Using a specially developed vacuum system, we can restore clean and gleam to all your ceramic tile and grout surfaces such as bathroom floors, showers, tubs, kitchen, foyers, entryways, halls, sun room, office, class room, reception area, show room and many more.

Prestige Systems, LLC

We recommend using a sealer on your grout after it has been cleaned. This extra layer of protection seals the grout, making it resistant to spills and stains, and easier to clean in the future - keeping the grout and the surface looking clean longer, ask also about our color sealer.

  • Our cleaning products are safe & Non-Toxic for Children & Pets
  • 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Specializing in Oriental, Persian, Indian, Turkey & Tibet Rug Cleaning
  • Area Rug Pick-Up & Delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Certified Small Minority Business Owned
  • Leadership of Lexington
  • Don't forget to ask us about the REFERRAL PROGRAM!
Wood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors become dull and dirty over time just like carpet, which is professionally cleaned to extend the life. Prestige Systems offers hardwood floor cleaning and re-coating process that can extend new life into your hardwood floors.

Every hardwood floor that we clean is tested to insure compatibility with our cleaning agents. We use only basic coating Hardwood Products.

Prestige Systems, LLC

First the floor is thoroughly swept to remove loose particles. We then use a Bona power scrubber to apply cleaner, scrub, and extract dirt and solution. This will leave your floor clean and dry.

Prestige Systems also offers a recoat system to restore your hardwoods to the beautiful condition that they once were.

Years of traffic, spills and normal wear and tear can cause your hardwoods to lose their shine and luster. We carefully test the floors to insure compatibility and adhesion, Our process includes adding a water born poly coating to revitalize your floors and bring them back to life.

Professional hardwood maintenance can dramatically improve the appearance of wood floors and bring back their original luster. Our deep cleaning process removes toughest dirt and residue, both safely and effectively. Commercial strength cleaning agents and innovative equipment lifts away buildup and rejuvenates floors for a fraction of the price it would cost to repair floors that are not professionally maintained.

CALL TODAY  to schedule your free estimate… 803-356-1660


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Water Damage

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Prestige Systems has been cleaning my carpet at the Americas Best Value Inn, formerly Best Western, Newberry, SC since 1996.  I have been in the Hospitality Industry for over 35 years and this is the first time I have had NOT receiving complaints from guest on dirty room carpets. Jeff Ingold and his staff do a professional job with less "downtime" than any other company I have ever used.  I have personally inspected his cleaning and am very satisfied with his services.  I would recommend his company to anyone.

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This was our second time, and again we are very impressed with the service. Very good and polite. It's great to see young men with such pride and great attitude!  The job that was done was excellent.  It gives me great comfort knowing that, not only can I trust someone in my home, but the job they do is superior!

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The technicians that performed the carpet and furniture cleaning were so professional and has always been very courteous.  They arrived at our home on time. They explained exactly what needed to be done and they worked as quickly as possible to complete the job.  They also cleaned up after they had finished and very respected of our home, pet and furnishing.  In fact, you would not know that they were even here.  I will definitely use Prestige Systems again for all my cleaning.   What a great and reliable company!

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I truly trust Prestige Systems Carpet & Furniture Cleaning company for all my cleaning needs. The technician is so knowledgeable and very friendly too.  Your company cares about its customers and the service it provides. I couldn't be happier with Prestige Systems' service and expertise. I am always pleased with the outcome. I can't imagine why I would call anyone else for my carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

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Your technician was extremely prompt & professional. He arrived on time and made our 8 years old carpet look brand new. I, especially, loved the clean, fresh smell afterward.  What a fantastic company.

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The technician showed up on time and was very professional, moved the furniture and placed plastic under the legs. He was even able to remove yellow stain from the carpet in one of the bedrooms. The carpets look better than I had hoped for and were dry within two hours.  Beautiful job and true to the estimate. I will call them the next time we need to have the carpets cleaned.

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Thank y’all so much for coming out and helping us start the clean up mess!! These guys did an awesome job and were so helpful to Bruce Garrick and myself!!! They do more than just emergency carpet work so y’all check them out!!!

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Did a great job and I will definitely use you guys in the future!!

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Thank you so much for the card, and million thanks for the great repair & Cleaning job on my carpet.  It looks so beautiful and I will certainly recommend you to others.  Jeff, it was a pleasure meeting you and you do a wonderful, professional job.  My staying here while trying to heal is easier while looking at my clean, fixed carpet.  I am sure you will hear from me again.  I wish you folks are the best in your business.

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Great job and very professional! I highly recommend Prestige Systems!

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They are the best in the water damage and sewage restoration!

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This carpet cleaning service was able to step up to my level of expectation. I was amazed. The technicians were prompt, professional, helpful with advice & suggestions & did an excellent job. I am more than happy with my experience with your company and I must say that Prestige Systems Carpet & Furniture Cleaning are the best carpet cleaning company I've ever used!

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