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Area Rugs are tremendous sentimental value.  They take a lot of punishment from soil, spills, constant foot and pet traffic.  Over time, signs of soil and contamination become evident requiring professional cleaning and restoration.

We offer four different cleaning processes for all types of area rugs:

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  • Dry Cleaning
  • Water Extraction and Rinse
  • Shampoo and Rinse
  • Submersion Hand-wash Cleaning

Prestige Systems is proud to be an exclusive provider of the Submersion Hand-Wash Cleaning Process for Oriental Rugs and Carpets with animal stains and odors.

Step-by-Step details of this innovative new procedure:

  1. Pre-Inspection of your rug for fiber type, fiber stability, soiling level and dye stability to determine the correct cleaning agents and method for optimal results.
  2. Pre-Vacuum both sides of rug until all insoluble soil is removed. This could take up to an hour or more depending on the level of soil hidden deep within the rugs fibers.
  3. Dusting – Dust and particulate matter lying deep within the rug are removed using compressed airs and specialty designed tools. Foot traffic and dry soil can act like sandpaper on the fiber, and this step is often referred to as & “Air Washing” or “Dusting” of the rug. Vacuuming, shaking, or beatings are not nearly as effective.
  4. Wash and Rinse – In many of the various countries where our oriental rugs and carpets are manufactured, the washing is done in a flowing river, where rugs are submerged for hours at a time. Our process essentially replicates this method with a wash pit in which water moves from one end to the other continuously. Mild cleaning agents designed specifically for Oriental rug fibers like silk and wool are massaged deeply into the rug. Unlike a simple bath, our process continuously sends only clean, soft water across the rug.
  5. Final Rinse – The rug is removed from the pit and given a soft water rinse.
  6. Drying – Mild heat and airflow is applied as the rug hangs to dry.  Using compressed air, the fibers are given a luxurious fluffing.
  7. Grooming the Fringes – Attention to detail is essential at this stage, so we hand-comb your rugs fringes to ensure that they are properly finished and groomed.
  8. Final Inspection – We maintain the highest standards, so our inspection process is thorough. We do not hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the cleanest rug possible. It’s that final touch that means so much. Finally, we will contact you to schedule delivery of your fresh, clean, and bright rug to your home!
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Our thorough cleaning process will leave your rug soft with cleaned fragrance! We clean and repair area rugs in our in-plant cleaning and drying room facility. We also provide moth-proofing, repairing, fabric coating, and padding. Always remember, never clean and dray any area rug on the floor.

Oriental rugs can make a beautiful addition to a room giving it a charm an elegance that cannot be provided by any other type of rug. Oriental rugs are available in modern and antique styles. Know the differences in oriental rugs before you buy.  You can usually identify an Oriental rugs origin from the style and design of the rug. Many people think Oriental rugs have their own defining style that encompasses them all. This is not true. Each country tends to produce rugs that are unique to traditional patterns and materials from the country of origin. Oriental rug experts can spend many years learning all the different patterns, materials, weaves, and colors so that they can identify the origin of an Oriental rug.

Different Types of Oriental/Area Rugs:

Know before you buy! Here is a brief outline of the different types of rugs.

Persian Rugs – When most people hear the word Oriental rug they think of a Persian rug. That’s because of all the Oriental rugs the Persian rugs are the easiest to identify and so people remember them. Persia know called Iran, has a reputation for producing the highest quality and most beautiful rugs in the entire world. And they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years. The traditional designs have the name of the tribal region where they were made. Kerman, Sarouk, Tabriz are three of the most common areas.

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Persian rugs are easily identified by their geometric patterns and intricate floral patterns. Antique Persian rugs are very popular and highly sought after often bringing very high prices if they are in excellent condition. Of course you can buy a modern Persian rug for a reasonable price and it will still have the geometric and floral patterns of the area.

Indian Rugs-  Most of the Oriental rugs that we buy in the western world originate from India. The rug industry in India is one of the main forms of employment for rural workers. The modern India rugs are made in the traditional designs and patterns but cost a fraction of the price. And of course the quality is as good as it was in the past. They are still hand made by the locals.

There is one rug that is produced in India that actually did originate in India. That is the traditional dhurrie rug, which is a cotton and wool rug, sometimes with other natural fibers, created in a variety of traditional patterns, as well as some contemporary patterns.

Turkey Rugs  are a real find and highly sought after because they are all between 50 and 75 years old. The first world war put an end to the Turkish Oriental rug industry and they are just now beginning to make a comeback as the current government now encourages this industry. Turkey rugs are identifiable by their traditional designs and very rich colors.

Tibet rugs are one of the most prized rugs to own. Entire families from villages are involved in making Oriental rugs. One rug can take as many as 3500 hours to complete. The wool of Himalayan sheep is used to make these rugs. It has a high lanolin content making it perfect from rugs.  Tibetan rugs can be recognized from their very rich colors and rustic patterns as well as the variations in color and texture. Each rug is truly a unique piece and a work of art. Be prepared to pay a pretty price for one of these beauties!

Knowing the differences in Oriental rugs makes you a better buyer. Your room will thank you for the beautiful addition to your home decor and your friends and family will envy you!

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